Worship at St. Mary’s involves the participation of not only the clergy and the assembled congregation, but also the support, assistance, and coordination of several dedicated groups. These people work behind the scenes to prepare items needed for worship, and they participate in the service itself.

Ushers welcome visitors and congregation members, pass out service leaflets, take up the collection, guide people during communion and clean up after each service. They must be helpful and friendly, with the strength to stand for several hours. Most ushers sign up for a monthly rotation and all are asked to be on hand for major services such as All Saints’, Christmas and Easter.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Email St. Mary’s Usher Guild Captain Neel Teague, nteague@stoutandteague.com, to let him know you would like to participate as an usher.
  • Learn more about serving as an usher by reading how to serve as an usher, see our resources listed below.
Liturgical Terms

Usher Teams

Team Week 1

  • Val Dugie, Captain
  • Ken Swain
  • Kathryn Dominguez
  • Melissa Wiley

Team Week 2

  • Susan Williams, Captain
  • Necolle Eimas
  • Neel Teague
  • Barbara Coffey

Team Week 3

  • Gordon Thomas, Captain
  • Barbara Coffey
  • Kathy Wilson
  • Melissa Wiley
  • Kelley Morsman