The Rector’s May Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,

This month’s letter focuses on a couple of items as we enter that time of the year filled with graduations and thoughts of summer vacation.

Most important is to mark your calendar for Sunday, May 31st to honor Claudia Boswell and her thirty – 30!! – years as head of our church school. In a volunteer capacity she has overseen the development and growth of a remarkable group of teachers, parents, volunteers and students. Starting with just a few students and fewer teachers the church school has become one of the cornerstones of our parish’s health and vitality. Over the years many people have joined this parish after hearing in the larger Arlington community about a church that places such a high value on children and their growth in the Lord. I am grateful that the mantle of Claudia’s leadership is being passed to parishioner Evelyn Hutton who served for some seventeen years on the staff of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Burke.

At the Annual Meeting of the parish held on Sunday, May 3rd, we gave thanks for the ministry of retiring Vestry members, Val Dugie, Holly Scott and Virginia Young. In yet another example of God’s abundant grace, because of a tie vote for the third slot, we elected four new members to the Vestry – Patty Balestrieri, Sarah Gregg, Elizabeth Keith and Jad Roberts – instead of our usual three. The new Vestry re-elected as Senior Warden Peggy Marsh. Dave Fletcher was elected Junior Warden and Patty as Register of the Vestry.

Peggy, in her remarks at the Meeting, underscored both the health of our parish and the opportunities that await us, including the continuing work of envisioning what God would have us do and become in the coming months and years. One troubling piece of information is that while the total dollar amount given in this year’s EMC (Every Member Canvass) went up, the number of pledge units declined. Your Vestry will be following up so that everyone participates as a responsible member of this congregation. Committed giving of your time, your talent, and your money is important not only for the health of this parish, but is a necessary component of following Jesus.   

Finally, I do hope that many of you will join us at Shrine Mont for our Parish Weekend, June 5,6,7. It really is a place set apart for rest and renewal, fellowship and lots of fun. My discretionary fund is available to assist confidentially as need be.

We wish Fr. Tim and parish administrator, Pam Frick, Godspeed as they begin well-earned sabbaticals that will take place for eight weeks this summer at different times. Now is a great time to volunteer helping in the office if you have ever considered that – one time or a few hours a week.  Give the office a ring (703.527.6800) and we will ensure that your gifts for ministry are put to work.

May the Peace of the Lord always be with you.

Andrew +