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The Garden Has Gone to Bed

By the time you read this, the garden year will be near its end, and the garden ministry will have taken a breather. But it is always a good idea to look back and evaluate the summer’s work–work that began in March. At that time we cut close to the ground the knock-out roses, the caryopteris, the grasses (stipa tenuissima) and the laurels. By April, all the beds had been weeded and mulched. In May, weeding continued, helped along by copious amounts of rain. June saw the seeding of zinnias in the cutting garden, as well as the planting of dahlia tubers. Somehow the dahlia tubers survived the heavy rain and all sprouted.

Throughout the year the garden ministry keeps the Memorial Garden as attractive and weed-free as possible so that it is always available for (somewhat) quiet meditation and/or interment.

July, August, and September are spent weeding, weeding and deadheading. The cutting garden reaches its prime during these months and the Flower Guild is able to use these flowers on the altar almost every Sunday during most of those weeks. Also, in May, peonies from the garden were used on the altar on several Sundays.

Finally, in late October, it is time to cut down, pull up, weed again, and mulch. November weather kills the dahlia foliage, and we all pitch in to dig the tubers, label them, dust with fungicide and place each in its own special bag to spend the winter in a temperature controlled garage.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it probably is, and we love it. We love beautifying the church, and we love working together, laughing together and sharing our highs and lows. We would love to have you come and work with us. Even if you don’t know much about gardening, and are happy to learn, you are welcome to join us every Tuesday morning for about two hours. Give it some prayerful thought and talk to one of our members during the next few months’ hiatus.

In gratitude,

St. Mary’s Flower Guild

Jo-Ann Andriko, Sarah Barge, Lisa Purrington, Claudia Boswell

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