Sunday Reflection by Amanda Bourne

“How are you?” We tend to hear this question often from friends, family, and even complete strangers. How are you? As we rush about our lives, we tend to form almost automatic responses to this question: “good” or “okay” seem common. One word to convey our feelings – our current experience. Personally, the word that seems to slip out most often is “busy”.

Busy. We rush through our lives being busy, always doing something. Because perhaps being “busy” makes us feel like we’re accomplishing something – that we’re successful. I think the root of this lies in our fear of not being enough. We’ve heard this sermon many times: “you are enough because you are saved by the Living Christ”. And while these words ring true, they don’t necessarily calm that fear that we’re somehow inadequate – that we’re not doing enough or being enough.

This morning’s readings from Romans (14:1-2), I think, directly confront this notion of inadequacy that we so often struggle with. Paul writes that the “Lord is able to make them stand”. God’s welcome transcends the daily quarrels that we have with one another. God is sufficient.

As I’m writing this, the song currently playing in the background reminds that “Your love is extravagant / Your friendship is intimate” . Not only is God sufficient, but his relationship with us is intimate. Extravagant, even. When we enter into a relationship with the Living God, our inadequacy becomes intimacy, and our self-loathing becomes extravagant love.

It is through this relationship that we can shake off our chains to anxiety. As Mother Anne discussed in the sermon – instead of just more time to spread ourselves thinner and thinner until we become nothing, we receive complete forgiveness from a loving God. A God who desires an intimate, extravagant relationship with us.
This, my friends, is so much better than “busy”.

  • Think about times in your life where you have become overwhelmed with the busyness of daily life? How have you handled those times? What would you do different?
  • How does your relationship with God fit into our “busy” lives? What does a relationship with God look like in your life?
  • Reflecting on this past Sunday service what is one theme that you remember? Take some time to reflect on this and how it may apply to your life.