Our personal response to God’s generosity is through sharing our resources of time, talent, and treasure. It is our personal witness to the prayer: “All things come of thee, O Lord; and of thine own have we given thee.”

 We ask St. Mary’s members to reflect their commitment to God in tangible ways.

Stewardship is our service to God’s world and our care of creation. In response to our treasure, Parish members are encouraged to make an annual pledge (a written commitment of what we intend to give) of support to the church in the coming calendar year. This annual pledge represents our specific Christian commitment to “work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God” (BCP, p. 856). Parish budgets are prepared in light of the pledges received from our members.

Proportional giving is making a commitment to give a specific percentage of our income to the work of the church through St. Mary’s.  The appropriate percentage is up to us as individuals.  Throughout Holy Scripture, the tithe, 10% of our income, is held up as the responsible amount all should give back to God, the source from whom all our blessings flow.  What is included in the tithe – other charitable giving, care of again parents, etc. – is a personal discernment.  No matter what, stewardship is intentional.  And it is a deeply spiritual matter.  Everyone approaches stewardship differently.  Committing to a percentage can be helpful because it has built-in flexibility for any ups and downs in our personal situations.  As we prosper, we give more.  If we are struggling, the church gracefully accepts that.  The amount one chooses to pledge is held in strict confidence, known only to those few persons, such as the treasurer, who need to know.

Every pledge, no matter the size, matters.  And it matters a lot.

If you have questions about Stewardship or our financials please contact St. Mary’s Co-Administrator Janet Tasker at 703-527-6800 or

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a pledge?  A pledge is a written commitment of what you or your family agree to give to St. Mary’s over the coming calendar year. Pledge cards can be found throughout the church; just ask an usher or contact the church office 703-527-6800 or

How do we set our budget?  We set our budget based on the total amount of the pledges that are received. Your pledges set the operating budget for the following year. Although many people who don’t pledge make significant contributions to St. Mary’s, we cannot account for them in the budget. This impacts our ability to plan for everything from salaries to building maintenance to outreach.

What is Ingathering Sunday?  Ingathering Sunday, typically the third Sunday of October, is a service of thanksgiving for the blessings given to us. As a congregation, we come before God and each other to present our pledges for the coming year as an act of faith for what God has and will do. We do accept pledges throughout the year if you are not able to be present at Ingathering Sunday.

How do I pay for my pledge?  We can accommodate most requests to submit payment. You can pay with checks and cash. You can work with us to set up auto-check payment through your bank. You can pay using, a third-party online payment app that works on Apple and Android devices. Visit the Giving page to learn more.