This ministry seeks to make St. Mary’s a hospitable, inviting church for anyone who enters.  Whether its a cup of coffee, holding a door open for someone or simply saying hello to someone we haven’t met before, the Hospitality ministry seeks to make sure that everyone who enters St. Mary’s has received a warm welcome.

Coffee Angels – The Angels provide coffee and treats on Sunday morning and at events throughout the year.  We ask members of the St. Mary’s community to volunteer to help with coffee hours and to take the leadership role for specific events.  [For more information, contact Elizabeth Hale]

Ushers – Ushers help throughout the service on Sunday mornings.  They greet and welcome those who come to worship, help people get seated, as well as providing assistance to the congregation during the services as needed.  This is a great ministry to meet new people and help set the tone for each worship service.  [For more information, contact Neel Teague]

Welcoming Committee – The Welcoming Committee wants every St. Mary’s visitor to feel at home, whether it’s their first service, or if they’ve become a Sunday regular. Our committee members are available after each service to answer questions about St. Mary’s and help connect visitors to church programs and events. The committee also organizes Newcomer receptions twice a year for anyone who wants to learn more about the people and parish of St. Mary’s. If you enjoy meeting new people and sharing the gospel of St. Mary’s, whether you’ve been here six months or sixteen years, the Welcoming Committee may be for you.  [For more information, contact Tyler Suiters]