This past January, parishioners Leyda Fajardo and Dana Martin went to visit family in Honduras. This was a return trip, where they were able to lay the ground work to locate and visit San Lucas Episcopal Church, which is lead by its rector, The Rev. David Batiz. Click here to read [on page 4] a full account of Leyda and Dana’s trip.

Please enjoy a few more photos from Honduras which Leyda describes in her newsletter article. You will also see images of the church’s education building, which was financially supported in part by St. Mary’s several years ago.

…Father Batiz warmly greeted us with his charismatic presence and laughter. Within moments we were surrounded by the children, each of whom hugged us while welcoming us to San Lucas with infectious smiles. It felt like a homecoming and made us forget for a moment that until that time we had only known these wonderful people in our prayers!

…After joyfully taking many photos of everyone in the garden the mass began. In form and content, the liturgy was the same as at St. Mary’s. But it was heart-warming to see how it had been made uniquely their own. It was led by Father Batiz and the children!

…The mountain breeze wafted through the open windows. The joyful singing drifted out over the surrounding village. Father Batiz is a gifted preacher who loves to laugh. We all sang the Lord’s prayer to the tune of Bridge Over Troubled Water just as we do at Santa Maria [in Falls Church, Va]. It was a most moving experience that exceeded even our high expectations.