St. Mary’s Episcopal Church has a long history of serving our neighbors through Outreach

Our Mission is to be in relationship with our community, responding to human suffering with compassion and commitment.  We seek to actively discern new ways God may be calling us, listen for the voices of the forgotten, and respond.  We seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us live out these principles and discern where we may go in the future. Two questions help the committee discern where to focus outreach: “What is our heart for the world around us?” and “God, what would you have us do next?”

During 2020’s pandemic, St. Mary’s is responding to our neighbors’ needs for health care, shelter, and food. We awarded emergency grants using early proceeds of the Funding the Future capital campaign’s 10% Outreach Tithe. Meanwhile, other grants continue to be awarded as part of the annual 25% of parishioner pledges and plate offerings.

In addition to our on-going and long-time commitment to Arlington Safety Net organizations, committee members seek opportunities for relationship with fledgling and new-to-us organizations. The committee also encourages St. Mary’s parishioners to engage personally in giving of their time and talent to organizations.

To learn about the formal grant application process, parishioners are welcome to contact:

Once an applicant submits a written application, it is reviewed in a multi-tiered process first by the Outreach Committee’s Finance Subcommittee, then the full Outreach Committee, and finally the Vestry, which approves the funding decision.

Outreach Committee members, who are appointed by the Rev. Andrew T.P. Merrow, Rector, include: Patty Balestrieri, Mindel DeLaTorre, Paul Douthit, Lynn Fuechsel, Sarah Gregg, Lisa Leibel, Paul Timm, and Ed Wright. Elizabeth Hale represents the Vestry on the committee.

Community Engagement
Food Assistance
Individuals with Disabilities
Personal Crisis
Transitional Services