Do you want to know what’s going on?  St. Mary’s distributes information through a variety of email lists and written publications.

Coming Up at St. Mary’s Weekly E-Update:  Every Thursday, St. Mary’s issue an email to let you know about the upcoming worship service, formation, outreach and parish life events and programs.

Below are the most recent E-Update campaigns.

Signing up for Coming Up at St. Mary’s E-Updates puts you on our main email list, where you’ll also receive our monthly newsletter The Messenger and be notified of closings due to inclement weather and important announcements regarding parish life.

The Messenger:  The Messenger is our monthly church newsletter, where you can read stories that bring out outreach and ministries to life, and learn more about the people in our community. Click here to read the latest issue and to find back issues.

While most people receive The Messenger online, we do mail printed copies for those who request one from the church office.

Youth Ministry Email:  Want to keep up with youth ministry events and announcements? Sign up for this email, and we’ll send you weekly updates.

Musical Offerings Email: Would you like to receive email notices about upcoming musical offerings at St. Mary’s?  Sign up for this email!

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