Ministry on Race, Reconciliation & Equity2019-07-29T11:22:56-04:00

All ministry is about relationships. With this in mind, we invite all parishioners to learn about St. Mary’s new and developing Ministry on Race, Reconciliation & Equity (MORE).

Join our clergy, vestry, and fellow parishioners to confront our collective history of racial and economic segregation in Arlington and beyond. We aim to create opportunities for parishioners to listen and share, and better understand racism and inequity.

Official programming will begin in fall 2019. We will incorporate a new dialogue series from The Episcopal Church exploring race and faith, “Sacred Ground” into our Adult Forum series, and have activities for children and youth, as well as book discussions about our country’s racist history and its lasting effects on life today, and how we might heal relationships.

This summer consider perusing the following resources:

MORE is St. Mary’s initiative, blessed by the vestry, and informed by the Virginia Diocese and national Episcopal Church.

In relationship with one another and our neighbors, we will work together to find meaningful, informed and active ways to seek racial reconciliation and “strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being” (Baptismal Covenant in The Book of Common Prayer, p. 305).

Our individual experiences and background shape our personal starting place when thinking about race. We will share some first-person narratives on the topic of race future issues of the Messenger newsletter. Considering many perspectives and remaining grounded in our common faith we seek to grow into more loving men and women.

MORE Ministry Team: Jenny Hoil & David Smith (co-chairs) Dennis Carter-Chand, Rebecca Carter-Chand, Susan Cunningham, Marjorie Green, Stacey Tevlin, David Palmer (vestry liaison), Fr. Chris and Fr. Andrew (clergy)