Worship Ministries


Our worship ministries are essential to daily life at St. Mary’s. From helping prepare for Sunday and weekday services, to assisting staff, clergy and congregants during the service, these ministries afford wonderful opportunities to get involved in parish life. If you feel called to become an  Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lay Reader, or  wish to join the Altar Guild, please contact the office so we can arrange a meeting with the Rector.

Music Ministry – We have a robust music ministry at St. Mary’s for all ages and levels.  If you or your child is interested in leading in worship in one of our choirs, contact Dr. Gregory Hooker.

Acolyte Ministry – Acolytes act as assistants for clergy during Sunday services and special feast days. This ministry is for both children (4th grade and up) and adults. If you feel called to become an Acolyte, contact the church office.

Altar Guild – These volunteers set the worship space for services throughout the week and maintain the churches linens and vestments. If you feel called to the Altar Guild, contact the church office.

Chalice Bearers – Chalice Bearers assist priests and help serve communion during Sunday and weekday services.  You must be a confirmed Episcopalian in good standing.  If you feel called to become a Chalice Bearer, contact the church office.

Flower Guild – This ministry provides flower arrangements for Sunday services and other events as needed. To join the Flower Guild, contact Nancy Murphy.

Funeral Hospitality – The death of a loved one is rarely a planned event.  We need people with flexible schedules or a desire to help serve at funerals in the areas of ushering, refreshment preparation and clean up.  This is an opportunity to serve people in their grief.  To sign up to help, contact Pam Frick.

Lay Readers – Lay Readers assist by providing the Service of the Word part of the service.  They read the scriptural lessons, lead the reciting of the psalm and lead prayers of the people.  If you feel called to become a Lay Reader, contact the church office.

Ushers – Ushers help throughout the service on Sunday mornings.  They greet and welcome, help people get seated and provide assistance to the congregation during the worship service as needed.  This is a great ministry to meet new people in the church and help to set the tone for each worship service.  To become an usher, contact Neel Teague.