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Achieving that essential but elusive equilibrium of “work-life balance” can often feel like an impossible goal.  A balanced view can lead us to recognize that God calls us to tasks in each area of life, therefore no one area can command all our time.  So what is the secret to this balance?  Come and see…

WHEN: 5:00 PM, Friday, Oct. 12 – 1:00 PM, Sunday, Oct. 14

WHERE: Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs, Virginia

WHY: Find the Balance of Life

Family life, work life, social life, faith life.  For most people, juggling the demands of life is an ongoing challenge, especially as companies decrease their workforce and families and friends are scattered to and fro.  Whether you’re single or married, whether one spouse or both work outside the home, the competing demands on our time and energy can be draining.

Fr. Tuck Grinnell

Retreat Leaders:  Fr. Tuck Grinnell & Fr. Chris Cole
After 45 years of ordained ministry to the people of Virginia, Father Grinnell recently retired as pastor of St. Peters Roman Catholic Church in Washington, VA.  Over the course of his ministry, Father Grinnell has served as spiritual director for more than 50 Cursillo weekend retreats. Fr. Tuck brings a passion for talking about Christ, living Christ, and sharing Christ with people through the sacraments.

We hope you can join us for rest, fellowship, worship, and small group conversation.

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