Children’s Chapel Videos

Not even a pandemic can separate us from the love of God and His lessons!

We are in week two of our weekly blog post listing “Sunday School” resources for children and parents. Check the bottom of this page for a link for last week’s post and resources.

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Thanks All!

Resources for All Ages

3s & 4s Class:

New Story Time video: Alexander & the Wind Up Toy 

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Campbell Hutton

May 10 Lesson, May 10 Coloring Sheet

2nd Grade: Dawson Granade, Tricia Klintberg, & Caroline Mountcastle

May 10 Lesson, May 10 Coloring Sheet

3rd Grade: Dave Palmer & Barb Sheffer

May 10 Lesson, May 10 Video

4th Grade: Tara Busby & Mike Devine

May 10 Lesson

5th Grade: Ashley Callen, Elizabeth Deegan, Susan Gabay (Girls), Frank Ruffing (Boys)

May 10 Lesson