Mary’s Ministry

Mary’s Ministry, assists, supports and encourages parishioners at times of vulnerability in their lives and celebrates with them in times of joy. Shepherds, Pastoral Support, and Pastoral Resources combine to create a new system–Mary’s Ministry–to ensure that “no one walks alone.”

At St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, pastoral care is led by The Rev. Amy Slater and is composed clergy, staff and lay volunteers working together. Elizabeth Bruington serves as St. Mary’s staff pastoral care administrator. Elizabeth manages the volunteers and systems and programs within Mary’s Ministry. Elizabeth can be reached at 703-527-6800 or

From support to families of newborns to hosting a reception after a memorial service and at many points between, many Mary’s Ministry volunteers demonstrate the love and concern they have for parishioners during these special times in their lives.

Mary’s Ministry Shepherds
Mary’s Ministry shepherds are laity who keep in touch with a particular segment of the congregation. They function much like a neighborhood watch. Upon learning that one of “their” households is experiencing a situation for which pastoral support might be helpful, shepherds make contact and offer the services of St. Mary’s clergy and various pastoral support ministries.

If you would like someone to talk to for guidance, please contact a shepherd. One shepherd per group takes turns each month to be “on call.”

For parishioners with last names A-K:

On Call for December: Nancy Brooks

Linda Kunder

Carmen Oviedo Miller

For parishioners with last names L-Z:

On Call for December: Lisa Giesler


Beverly Hess
Sally Scott