Mary’s Ministry


Pastoral Care and Support

Mary’s Ministry assists, supports and encourages parishioners at times of vulnerability in their lives and celebrates with them in times of joy. Shepherds, Pastoral Ministries, and Support Groups combine to create a new system–Mary’s Ministry–to ensure that “no one walks alone.”
Who to Contact

If you need support from any of the Pastoral Ministries listed below, Contact your Shepherd 

If you are interested in volunteering for a Mary’s Ministry,

Learn about the many ways Mary’s Ministry cares for parishioners. Our network of care is provided by trained lay volunteers under the supervision of the church. The time commitment for volunteers follows each description.


Eucharistic Visitors Ministry
Laity licensed by the bishop who take communion to homebound or hospitalized parishioners. (Volunteers go once a month to give communion to parishioners in need).
Intercessory Prayer Ministry
A network of parishioners who pray daily for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of those who have requested their support. (Daily prayers for parishioners in need.)
Meals that Heal Ministry
Willing servants who prepare and deliver meals to those recovering from illness or surgery. (Make a meal one to two times a month.)
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Parishioners who create shawls for those who are grieving, facing life-threatening illness, etc. Prayer shawls serve as a reminder of the prayers of the community for them.  (Knit shawls at your own pace. )
Transportation Ministry
Volunteers who periodically transport those who because of age or infirmity are not able to drive to a doctor, an appointment, or church. (Drive one to two times a month.)
Transition (Job Hunters) Ministry
Professionals who offer practical, emotional and spiritual support for the unemployed, underemployed, or less than happily employed. (Time commitment is flexible.)
Caregivers Support Group
This support group is for those who are giving care to others—whether someone is dealing with an aging parent or grandparent—or their own spouse, sibling or friend.
Parent Support Group
An open door and a safe place for parents of children or adults with special needs to share their pain, loss, anger, or frustration with others who understand and care.
Grief Support Group
A safe environment to find strength in the Lord during the difficult season of grief. Walking the Mourner’s Path support group will be held Sundays 2:00-4:00 p.m. from October 14th through December 9th.
Cancer Support Group
Serves as a ministry that provides a source of comfort for people dealing with emotional and family problems that can result from chronic illness.

 For more information on St. Mary’s pastoral care program, Mary’s Ministry, contact either:

The Rev. Amy Slater, Senior Associate to the Rector
703-527-6800 |



Elizabeth Bruington, Pastoral Care Administrator
703-527-6800 |