Founded in October 2017, St. Mary’s Legacy Circle is a group that celebrates the stewardship of those parishioners who make significant, long-term contributions to St. Mary’s endowment for the future.

The Holy Spirit continues to guide this parish and you are invited to leave a lasting gift to seed love for generations to come.

St. Mary’s endowment for the future, otherwise known as St. Mary’s Foundation is a non-profit corporation formed in 1982 from the proceeds of the sale of church property, supports the growth and sustainability of the parish and can provide funding for capital projects and other initiatives as determined by Vestry and Clergy leadership. Growing this endowment is critical to St. Mary’s long-term viability.

There are many ways for parishioners to become members of the St. Mary’s Legacy Circle. Individuals who make a planned gift (either as a current or future gift) and make their intentions known to St. Mary’s will become members.

No minimum amount is required, though a good reference point for a planned gift would be one of at least $10,000. Examples of common planned gifts would be a bequest from an estate or an IRA distribution, though there are many creative financial options available for long-term giving. We recommend meeting with your financial advisor to pick the best-planned giving tool for you.

Upon Joining the Legacy Circle

  • Members of the Legacy Circle will have their names etched onto the Legacy Circle Plaque, to be placed in a prominent, visible space in St. Mary’s.
  • All parishioners who submit enrollment forms will be identified on the Legacy Circle Plaque annually.
  • Legacy Circle Members will be invited to special events throughout the year.

If you have questions about the process of becoming a member of the St. Mary’s Legacy Circle, please contact St. Mary’s Co-Administrator, Janet Tasker at 703.527.6800 or