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The Episcopal Church shares leadership among the laity (all baptized persons) and the ordained (Bishops, Priests, and Deacons).  The Bishop is charged with oversight of all parishes on his or her Diocese.  Our Rector is the representative of the Bishop.  Because of this, when someone wants to become an Episcopalian, you join the Episcopal church, not a specific congregation.  At St. Mary’s, we are part of the Diocese of Virginia, which is part of the Episcopal Church USA and the Worldwide Anglican Communion.  These affiliations make us part of a larger movement of God in our world and broaden our understanding of our faith beyond ourselves or St. Mary’s.

Adults – While the Episcopal faith welcomes all baptized Christians to share in the Eucharist, adult membership (16 & over) in the Episcopal Church requires that you be baptized, confirmed or received in an Episcopal Church. It is not necessary to do all three, so adults baptized and confirmed in another faith tradition can join the Episcopal Church through reception by the Bishop.  Adults baptized in another denomination can become members through confirmation by the Bishop.  If you are interested in being baptized, confirmed, or received or to reaffirm your faith contact Rev. Anne Turner or another member of the clergy.

The courses Episcopal 101 and 102 serve as preparation for adults seeking membership in the Episcopal Church.  St. Mary’s encourages and provides mentors for adult candidates in the 101 course.  To register for Episcopal 101 contact Jason Cutshall.

Children & Youth – Children baptized or confirmed at St. Mary’s will have their membership on record with the parish. Baptisms occur throughout the year, except during the seasons of Advent and Lent.  If you would like to have your child baptized at St. Mary’s, contact Pam Frick.

We offer annual confirmation preparation classes for youth in 8th grade or older, culminating in the service of confirmation during the Bishop’s annual visit.  For more information contact Sue Cromer.

Membership Transfer – For adults who are already members of the Episcopal Church who wish to transfer their membership from one parish to another, please contact Pam Frick.