Join St. Mary’s on its next Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Land of Jesus.

May 21 – June 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

You are invited to join us as a community of faith to spend time with communities of faith—Episcopal, Orthodox, Catholic, Monastic. Our time together on the pilgrimage will be marked by worship, reflection, and care for one another. Each person on the pilgrimage will have the opportunity to lead us in prayer as we gather on the bus at the start of the day, to help lead our worship, and to participate with other Christians when we gather to worship on the Sundays we are there.

We hope to have three evening presentations while at St. George’s about the continuing impasse between Israelis and Palestinians. Our meals will be communal at the Guest House of St. Georges Cathedral on the grounds of the St. George’s College.

We will gather at St. Mary’s prior to departing to prepare for our trip. Everyone is expected to attend to get to know one another and to have some preliminary discussion. Karen Armstrong’s book Jerusalem is highly recommended reading between now and then. It is not for the faint of heart, however. She is very thorough.

This trip truly is a time set apart ripe for the Holy Spirit to move among us. Let us prepare ourselves in heart, body, and mind that God would use this experience to sharpen us as tools of his reconciling love made known perfectly in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

Cameron Merrow has organized this pilgrimage and is the main contact ( should you have any questions. Please download the complete packet of information for our 2020 pilgrimage at the link following this message.

Fr. Andrew Merrow+

2020 Jerusalem Pilgrimage Packet

Past Pilgrimages

The experiences and places on each pilgrimage do differ from year to year. However, you can get an idea of some of the places you might see and things you might encounter by exploring the following photos and this reflection from past pilgrims.

The following were taken by Rod Simmons. Top left to right: 1- Iyad Qumri and 2019 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Pilgrimage at Chapel of St. James in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 2-PilgrimsBarbara and Marsha coming up the steep limestone passageways from the cistern inside Herodian. 3-Hiking the Wadi Qelt “wilderness” at sunrise. 4-Pilgrims Cameron and Dianne sit to view Wadi Qelt “wilderness.” 5-Pilgrims in Bethlehem at the graffitied border wall. 6- Fr. Andrew Merrow at the ruins of the Temple of Augustus in Banias, Golan Heights.  The back of the photo is the passageway from the temple to the Grotto of Pan that adjoins the temple to the left of the photo. 7-Pilgrims Mike, Donice, Dana and Leyda amidst mustard blooms at Banias (Hermon River springs), Golan Heights.  8- Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation (St. Gabriel’s Greek Orthodox Church) in Nazareth.  It was originally a 4th century Byzantine church that was later rebuilt by Crusaders and again in 18th century.