Episcopalians believe that responsible and disciplined financial stewardship — giving back to God a portion of what God has given you — is part of maintaining one’s spiritual health.

Give with the knowledge that your gift is put to God’s use — internally, in running the parish (read our latest Annual Report) and externally in our many important outreach ministries with 25 percent of our budget committed to supporting our outreach efforts.

The Many Ways of Giving

  • Pledging: We are all called to be God’s stewards. Your time, talent and treasure are all equally important to give. Read more about pledging.
  • Online Giving: St. Mary’s is pleased to offer will offer a secure, third-party, online payment app,, to help make regular pledging payments as well as special one-time gifts easier.
  • Checks: Please make checks payable to St. Mary’s Episcopal and mail them to St. Mary’s, 2609 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22207 or drop checks enclosed in an envelope through our church mailbox.
  • Stock Donations: Appreciated securities and stocks are one of the most efficient ways to gift a portion of your income to St. Mary’s. Learn more about Stock Donations, talk with your financial advisor, and prayerfully consider this option.
  • Auto-Check Payment: St. Mary’s will work with your bank to set up a weekly or monthly bank transfer from your account to ours. Email St. Mary’s Co-Administrator to learn more.
  • Planned Giving: Founded in October 2017, St. Mary’s Legacy Circle is a group that celebrates the stewardship of those parishioners who make significant, long-term contributions to the St. Mary’s Foundation (effectively, St. Mary’s endowment for the future). Learn how to become a member of the Legacy Circle.