As people of faith, we know that Christ’s Easter victory has overcome death, but are still aware of the challenges, difficulties, and loss at such times.

We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our prayers and assist individuals to prepare for the occasion of death as well as help family members make arrangements for a funeral service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does one need to be a member of St. Mary’s to have a funeral at the church?

A. No, St. Mary’s welcomes all people and families seeking to have a funeral at our church.

Q. Who do I contact at St. Mary’s to report the death of a loved one?

A. Please contact any member of the clergy or call St. Mary’s Parish Administrator Elizabeth Bruington at 703-527-6800.

Q. What steps can I take to help my family and friends on the occasion of my death? 

A. Preparing a list of personal information in writing and left in convenient places known by trusted individuals is a good place to start. Download this Personal Information Guide, as well as Notes on My Funeral Services to help make your wishes known.

Q. I have lost someone I deeply love and don’t know where to begin in laying them to rest.

A. Please contact any member of the clergy or call St. Mary’s Co- Administrator Elizabeth Bruington at 703-527-6800.  Additionally, download an Outline of Funeral Preparatory Steps for Loved Ones to be followed at the time of death.

Q. What can I expect at an Episcopal Church for a burial?

A.  As Christians, we always understand that funerals are resurrection celebrations even as we say farewell to loved ones. At the Burial of the Dead those who mourn may express grief and sorrow as they share in the community’s expression of faith, hope, and mutual support in Jesus Christ.

To learn more about the funeral rites and service options, visit the Episcopal Church Webpage for a full description of Burial of the Dead