We are always forming who we become as people of faith and we are continually forming people of every age and who they are becoming as people of faith. Formation speaks to the formal, informal, and non-formal learning we engage in throughout each day.

Prayer, conversation, books, gaining knowledge from a teacher, experiences, encounters with others, reading, watching, listening, etc. are all thing that happens along the formation continuum.

Following are highlights from our Sunday Morning Formation Opportunities. Contact Fr. Chris Cole for more information about formation and questions about confirmation.

10:15 a.m. Sunday Morning Formation Electives

Lectionary Bible Study in the Chapel 

The Lectionary is a pre-selected collection of scriptural readings from the Bible that guide our worship. Led by clergy, this Bible study examines the day’s appointed Gospel readings in a small group setting.

The Art of Parenting in the Vestry Conference Room

Led by parents, this discussion series leverages short articles to assist parents in navigating the sometimes anxious and always surprising path of parenting.


Adult Forum in Paca Hall 

Deepening our Christian knowledge and understanding allows us to live more fully into God’s calling for our lives.  Mother Amy will explore the place of Study in the spiritual life and the ways it nurtures and discloses the mystery of God.

High School Forum in Fr. Chris’ Office

Students will continue exploring the pertinent issues and questions that manifest between life and faith.

Middle School Series in The Youth Loft 

Those in 6th-7th grades to explore the Christian tradition as well as contemporary issues.

Sunday School in Classrooms on the Lower Level
Children in Pre-K to 5th grade hear stories, make crafts or play games to enhance their understanding of what it means to be a Christian and follow the Episcopal faith tradition.