All of St. Mary’s flower arrangements seen at worship services including weddings, funerals, and Church festival days are done in-house by the Flower Guild.

As you can see from this past year’s Christmas preparations, arrangements begin with the barest of concepts and the full idea gradually comes into full focus after a section is completed. While many volunteers are needed at Christmas and other major feast days to arrange and hang flowers and greens, typically small teams from the Flower Guild rotate throughout the year create our Sunday arrangements in the Nave.


How to Get Involved

  • Contact St. Mary’s Flower Guild Lay Leader Nancy Murphy at (703) 532‐4266 or to let her know your interest in joining the Flower Guild.
  • Consider attending the Washington National Cathedral’s annual flower seminar on church floral arranging.
  • St. Mary’s depends on parishioner donations to pay for flower arrangements throughout the year. We welcome individuals to remember a loved one or commemorate a birth, birthday or a special anniversary with a flower donation. If you include the person or event you are recognizing on the memo line of your check or online gift, we can include your text in the Worship Bulletin.