Fine Artists in support of Operation VetsHaven 2015

Why Artists?  Why not receive art at rock bottom prices in exchange for donating to the Operation Vetshaven mission to help our vets receive the health care they need ? Before moving to Charlottesville I decided rather than move all this art, why not find homes for it here, while helping a good cause at the same time.

Chuck Clopton is leading the charge with his organization and we are here just to help him get the money the vets need.I asked a few other artists to join me to give variety to the selection. Please join us for coffee, printmaking explanations, print buying and framing consultations, all in one night!!

In addition, my friendly framer from Sterling Framing will assist you in selecting a frame stock, explain museum quality framing and in general get your artwork hanging ready. He mentioned a discount too.

View online invitation here

Hosted by Elizabeth Peak, Chuck Clopton
Sunday, November 8
at 6:00 PM
The Falls Church Episcopal
115 E. Fairfax
Falls Church, VA