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New Resources Posted Thursdays, March 5 through April 9

For families with children in 5th-grade and younger, Lent is a time to prepare for understanding Easter. Parents can incorporate a variety of activities that will prepare the whole family for Christ’s rising! Each week, we post resources/activities that you can do in the comfort of your own family’s home. Work together to prepare your children’s bodies, souls and minds for what is to come–the risen Christ on Easter morning.

April 2:  Loving God, Loving Creation & Bonus Holy Week Passport

This week, families are invited to take a walk together and to take notice of God’s amazing creation around you; share your favorite part of the walk, where you saw God and how you can better care for God’s creation around you.

Children’s Holy Week Passports are now available! Each day during Holy Week, April 5 through April 12, children are invited to travel with Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Each day children are encouraged to pray, read scripture, wonder, and color. Additional instructions are available when you download your Holy Week Passport here.

Family Activity Post for March 26th: Feed the Artist in You–Praying the Lord’s Prayer

This week your family is invited to experience God through prayer and art. Feed the artist in you, while experiencing God, by creating your own Lord’s Prayer Tracing Cross. After your cross is complete, you are encouraged to pray the Lord’s Prayer by tracing your finger around the cross. For instructions and to download materials, please visit this link: https://buildfaith.org/lords-prayer-tracing-cross/.

Family Activity Post for March 19th: Be the Light in the Darkness

The dark can be a scary place because we cannot always see what is in front of or surrounding us. We must remember that no matter how dark or light a room or space is, God is always there and is always surrounding us with protection, light, and love. This week, your family is invited to gather around the prayer/altar space you created last week and to reflect on what it means to be the light in the darkness. Please open this file to learn more.

Family Activity Post for March 12th: Making Time, Creating Space
As a family, taking the time to pray together every day, invites God to be active in your life as a family—making the time and creating the space for God to flow and work through your family, strengthening your relationship with each other and with God. To learn about how you can create a special prayer space in your home, please visit this link: https://buildfaith.org/creating-lenten-prayer-space-home/.



Family Activity Post for March 5th: Lent Madness! Inspired by college basketball tournaments, Lent Madness pits 32 saints against each other in a bracket, as each saint seeks to win the coveted Golden Halo. Throughout Lent, fans vote for their favorite saints at www.lentmadness.org. Use the Saintly Scorecard and the Bracket Poster to join the fun!