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The cornerstones of the Episcopal Church’s approach toward Christianity are Scripture, tradition, and reason. St. Mary’s offers a semi-annual course to help parishioners better understand this faith tradition by exploring the history of the Church and worship and guiding members toward a deeper understanding of the faith. The course offers an overview of major topics in Christianity from an Anglican perspective, including Scripture, ethics and moral theology, prayer and spiritual life and creeds and theology.

The course, “Episcopal 101: Cornerstones of Anglican Christianity,” is open to all adult members — newcomers as well as long-time parishioners who wish to deepen their faith and learn more about St. Mary’s and the Episcopal Church. Episcopal 101 includes a mentoring component, and the course concludes with a quiet morning. Together with Episcopal 102, the course serves as preparation for membership in the Episcopal Church either through baptism, confirmation, reception or reaffirmation.

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