“Being without a home will not defeat me. May God continue to bless Samaritan Ministry.” – Yolanda Jeter, Samaritan Ministry Next Step Program Participant

Dear Greetings!,

Yolanda and Annette, Lead Caseworker at Samaritan Ministry’s NW office, at Yolanda’s graduation!
     Yolanda Jeter is obviously someone who is ready for change!

After rigorous compassionate and coaching from Samaritan caseworkers, she is determined to meet all her goals and take the next steps to meet those goals…and she already is! This is the essence of our work: a hand-up to our neighbors in need, empowering program participants to shape their own futures. We can do this because you – and many people like you – make it possible.

Will you make a difference
in the lives of our neighbors in need?

Through today’s Empower the Homeless Campaign (which raised more than $300,000 last year) for each dollar you give, matching donors will contribute an additional 25¢!

     “Ten years ago I was homeless,” says Yolanda. “I was unemployed. I had nothing, and I was about to go crazy. I came to Samaritan Ministry and they helped me…in 2007, I got my high school diploma.” This month Yolanda graduated from the University of the District of Columbia!

     This is Yolanda’s success story. Samaritan Ministry is proud to be a part of her story, and now Yolanda is a part of our story. You are part of our story too. And, we need you to be part of the stories yet to be written.

Will you make a gift TODAY that allows Samaritan Ministry to serve
more of our neighbors who are ready for change?
     More people are coming to our doors in Southeast and Northwest DC, in Arlington, and in our newest site in Silver Spring, MD. We are staying open longer, yet we need to open more doors for more people in Greater Washington, including Northeast DC, Prince George’s County, and Fairfax County, VA.

     What’s more, your gift will make transformation like Yolanda’s possible – not just in the lives of others, but in ALL our lives. When we see a stranger as a neighbor – when we offer our neighbor the compassion we would like to receive ourselves – we are reweaving the fabric of our community.

     Please join me in leading this life-altering transformation for participants like Yolanda and for our community!

The Rev. David B. Wolf
Executive Director

P.S. Your support is essential to ensure that Samaritan Ministry will be there for every person in need who comes to our door this year – and to help us open new doors to new participants.