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Adult Forums and coffee hours occur Sundays, 10:15-11:00 a.m., in Paca Hall during the months of September through May.

Nursery and Sunday School run concurrently with Adult Forum; therefore childcare is provided through these ministries.

2018 Epiphany, Lent, Easter Season Adult Forums: 

 January 7: The Spiritual Life

The Christian life is filled with both with death and resurrection, disorientation and joy, as Christ works through us to make all things new.  Along this transformative journey, emotions and questions can erupt.  Dr. Kathleen Staudt will explore the spiritual life to which Jesus continually invites his disciples.

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January 21: Study

Deepening our Christian knowledge and understanding allows us to live more fully into God’s calling for our lives.  Mother Amy will explore the place of study and the ways it nurtures and discloses the mystery of God.

January 28: Connecting

The Divine often meets us in surprising and unfamiliar ways.  Dr. Arthur Taylor and Mother Stefanie Taylor will explore how we can respond and grow from these encounters.

February 4: Guidance

Bishop Johnston, the 13th Bishop of the Diocese, will join us to discuss topics emerging in the Episcopal Church and society-at-large.

February 11: Celebration

Celebration is a way of meeting life with gratitude, wonder, and joy.  Dr. Gregory Hooker will explore how singing — in the car or church — can open us more fully to the spirit of celebration.

February 25: Fasting

Used properly, this discipline aids in coming closer to authenticity. Phoenix House, an organization that assists those dealing with addiction, will explore their work in the local community, and offer insights into maintaining peace and health.

March 4: Prayer

How have two athletes drawn national attention through the ancient posture of kneeling? Father Chris will explore the relationship of prayer, piety, and their place in the world.

March 11: Silence and Solitude

The world’s noise can distort our perception of God’s voice.  Brothers from Holy Cross Monastery will explore the way God speaks to us in silence.

March 18: Simplicity

How do we move from distraction to open and honest presence? Gretel Lynch will help us see through those values that clutter rather than free life.

April 15: Awakening

Returning to the beginning, seeing for the first time.  This year’s Shrine Mont retreat will explore this reorientation along with the childlike curiosity that fills our DNA.

April 22: Perseverance and Joy

Pilgrims from the Jerusalem journey will reflect on the capacity of the indigenous peoples of the Holy Land to face challenges and live with joy.

April 29: Compassion

Compassion is inextricably intertwined with God’s love in our hearts, drawing us into an increased sensitivity to the pain of others. Dr. Joan Turkus will take us deeper into the compassionate heart’s capacity to heal and forgive.

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May 6: Order

Like creation itself, our movement towards wholeness is an ever-evolving flow from disorder to order.  The Annual Parish Meeting will look into how St. Mary’s has found organization and harmony as The Body Christ.

May 20: Creativity

Creativity is our ability to discern and express the insights and possibilities that exist within us and that lead us to a fuller understanding of life.  Parishioner and artist, Peggy Parker, will discuss the creative act, enlarging our understanding of creativity to view it as an act not just for artists only but significant for each of us in our lives as Christians.

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