Spiritual formation is a lifelong process towards discipleship that is living, fruitful and essential.

Prayer, knowledge of scripture, tradition and reason, and experiences with spiritual leaders are part of each Christian’s formation journey. Following are a few ways to connect to find the way of love.

Adult Forum
10:15-11:00 am

Adult Forum is a series of thematic lectures from clergy and visiting guests that are scheduled two to three Sundays most months during fall, winter and spring. Sunday School for children and our nursery runs concurrently with Adult Forum; therefore childcare is provided through these ministries. Check our weekly E-Updates for a preview of our next Adult Forum.

Newcomer Orientation

You are invited to make St. Mary’s your church home.  Twice a year, we host a four-week series in our Chapel to allow newcomers the opportunity to learn about the history and story of our parish, how we worship, what we believe, and how individuals and families can connect to the life of the parish and our many outreach ministries. Our next series will be Spring 2020. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact Fr. Nunnally at pete.nunnally@stmarysarlington.org or call 703-527-6800.

Claiming Your Identity

Baptism, Confirmation, and Reception in the Episcopal Church are part of one’s spiritual journey.  This membership course is for individuals aspiring to deepen their understanding of God, the Church and the Holy Spirit’s presence in their life. This seven-week class is offered once a year in the Fall. Questions? Please contact Fr. Nunnally at pete.nunnally@stmarysarlington.org or call 703-527-6800.