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Tittmann-mugThe Rev. George F. Tittmann began his rectorship at St. Mary’s Church on April 19, 1942.

A graduate of Harvard College and the Virginia Theological Seminary, Fr. Tittmann, was a dynamic individual and liberal in his views. With his charismatic personality, he quickly drew young people to St. Mary’s.

In February 1943 Fr. Tittmann informed the vestry that he had decided to enter the Navy as a chaplain and, therefore, was tendering his resignation, to become effective the second Sunday after Easter. The vestry, however, rejected his resignation and granted him a leave of absence.

Fr. Tittmann returned from active duty as a Navy chaplain in January 1946, having served on a Navy attack transport in the Pacific. He was one of 89 men and women from St. Mary’s who had answered the call to the colors.

Fr. Tittmann tendered his resignation to the vestry in June 1956, to become effective on September 1. During the rectorship of this remarkable man St. Mary’s had grown phenomenally. The number of baptized members increased from about 200 to 1,680, the number of communicants in good standing from about 200 to 893, and the number of children in church school from 175 to 452.