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The Rev. Andrew T. P. Merrow accepted the call to serve St. Mary’s as permanent rector effective March 5, 1985.

A graduate of the Virginia Theological Seminary, Fr. Merrow had been the assistant rector of Christ Church, Alexandria, before coming to St. Mary’s.

He was a young man, and with his enthusiasm, empathy, and strong leadership skills he began to attract many new members, particularly young couples with children.

In the early years of Fr. Merrow’s rectorship the church was still operating in the red. By 1991 he had nearly doubled the number of members and communicants, and the financial situation was turned around.

Fr. Merrow emphasized outreach, and his revitalization of the outreach ministry was perhaps the most important development at St. Mary’s during his early rectorship. Eleven percent of the budget was designated to fund this ministry and 12 percent was allocated for the diocesan pledge.

Under the strong and imaginative leadership of the Fr. Merrow, St. Mary’s has experienced rapid growth and has a large number of active and devoted parishioners who are working together to carry out an exemplary Christian ministry, both within and outside the parish.

St. Mary’s is well known within the diocese, both through its clergy and lay leaders. Fr. Merrow has headed several prestigious diocesan committees, including the Standing Committee, the Resolutions Committee, and Examining Chaplains. He has also served as dean of Region III of the diocese.