2015 V.O.I.C.E. Victories


  • Helped win County Board approval for a new 229-unit Columbia Hills affordable housing complex.
  • Organized to preserve $12.5 million in FY 2016 funding for the Affordable Housing Investment Fund.
  • Produced a documentary emphasizing why affordable housing is both a response to our faith beliefs and necessary for the economy and community sustainability.
  • Blanketed the 1st major community forum on the draft Affordable Housing Study with 25+ supporters.
  • Turned out over 85+ leaders to the County Board Vote on the Affordable Housing Master Plan leading to a 5-0 vote in favor of passing the plan that mandates 17% of all Arlington housing be affordable.

MI VOZ CUENTA/MY VOICE COUNTS: Organized a meeting of 50+ parents, teachers and residents from 4 different schools in South Arlington, which ultimately led to the formation of a new group and future member of VOICE. Their testimony about low-income residents needing housing and having a voice was the heart and soul of getting to a 5-0 vote on the Affordable Housing Master Plan.

  • Helped Arna Valley residents organize to win new Sunday service for ART bus route 87 to their neighborhood;
  • Welcomed new members: St. George’s Episcopal and Marymount University!
  • Conducted at least 30 listening sessions with hundreds of Arlingtonians on key issues in the upcoming election.
  • Organized two Candidate Forums for the Primary and General elections with 200 and 160 leaders present respectively, introducing the candidates to VOICE and hearing where they stand on our issues!
  • Launched VOICE’s first ever non-partisan Get Out the Vote Campaign aiming to get power and recognition by raising voter turn-out by 5% in low-voting precincts in South Arlington. Surpassed goal by raising turnout by 24% & 12% compared to 2011 in Precinct 30 & 43 with over 100 leaders involved!

Current VOICE Arlington Member Institutions and Allies: Arlington Presbyterian, Macedonia Baptist, Marymount University, Mi Voz Cuenta, Mt. Olive Baptist, NOVA Catholic Community, Our Lady Queen of Peace RC, St. George’s Episcopal, St. John Baptist, St. Mary’s Episcopal, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Arlington.

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